Why I Am Interested in Data Systems and Solutionism

Big Data is the most nascent stage of humanity’s progress in technology. We started farming somewhere in the timeframe of 6,000 to 9,000 B.C. The Industrial Revolution came around the 1800s. The Information Revolution was arguably started in the 1970s as Steve Jobs made the personal computer popular with the Apple computer. Big Data started gaining popularity as the internet revolution reached maturity with social networking around 2010. The delta between farming and the Industrial Revolution was roughly 7k years, to computers just 180 years, and to Big Data only 30 years. The next stage after Big Data will be the development of systems to analyze the data and use it for decision making. What comes next is not very clear, but we know it will come in the form of utilizing all of our data created in the form of systems and automation solutions.

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