Pass – Setting up Pass command line password manager tool

Pass is an iOS client compatible with ZX2C4’s Pass command line application. It is a password manager using GPG for encryption and Git for version control. We provide a quick-start guide for pass here, assuming that it has been correctly installed. For more usage, please refer to Password Store homepage: or

$ man pass

Generating a PGP Key

$ gpg --gen-key
$ gpg --list-secret-keys
sec   2048R/D4763C61 2017-02-06
uid                  Bob Sun (Pass) (Test pass for iOS) <>
ssb   2048R/A3106936 2017-02-06

Setting up and using pass

$ pass init "D4763C61"
$ pass git init
$ pass git remote add origin    # create the git repository first
$ pass generate -n 20
$ pass ls
$ pass show
$ pass edit
$ pass git push --set-upstream origin master
$ pass git status
$ pass git pull



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