High Level AWS Route 53 (DNS)& Cloud Front (CDN) Overview

  • Cloud Front (CF) = Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • CDN = allows you to store (cache) at ‘edge’ locations located all around the world, which allows your customers to access your content more quickly (and also provides additional security).
  • Points of Presence (POPs) = cloud front edge locations essentially where you can store caches of data, applications and APIs.
  • Caching to many POPs around the world reduce latency for user’s load times.
  • Helps against DDoS attacks (which try to overload a server) but if there are multiple POPs distributing traffic, it’s much harder for attackers to DDoS.
  • User -> yoursite.com -> .com DNS root server -> R53 name server -> yoursite.com alias for CF -> data cached at CF edge locations -> user receives data from nearest CF location -> if edge location doesn’t work returns data from a CF origin from main AZ at instance or ELB level for example